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Send returns to the delivery point of Zásilkovna (Paketa):


Komenského 295, Cvikov, 471 54

jméno: Petr Beránek


cell phone: +420 705 116 562

you can find the order number in the upper left corner of the invoice

description of the defect, etc.

Attach a photo of the damage / wrongly delivered goods

Complaints / return of goods

If you want to cancel / possibly change the order - call the shipment on the number 00420 487 752 624 ... e-mails are often processed with a delay of several hours! This can prevent unnecessary exchanges and complaints about the goods.

If you want to complain / return / exchange the purchased goods, it is essential to fill in this form and send it together with the goods (for complaint / return / exchange). Without this completed form, the complaint / return / exchange will not be resolved until you deliver it.

If you have a question about the course of your complaint, contact us at this e-mail address:

Complaint conditions

Seller: SEMA-FOR, Komenského 295, 471 54 Cvikov, IČ: 63779293, VAT: CZ491101078

Buyer: an entity that has entered into a contract with the Seller for the purchase of goods.

If the goods show obvious defects, ie especially if the goods are handed over to the buyer in a damaged transport package, the buyer is entitled not to accept the goods. In such a case, it is necessary to draw up a complaint report with the relevant employee of the transport service and send it to our address. This preserves the buyer's right to the provision of proper performance by the seller.

In the event that the buyer finds mechanical damage to the goods after receipt, even if the transport packaging is not obviously damaged, the buyer must notify the seller within 2 days of receipt of the goods by phone at 00420 487 752 624 or by e-mail at

In the event that defects of the goods occur during the warranty period, the buyer can file a justified complaint. The goods must be sent or transported to the seller's premises. In all cases, it is necessary to submit an invoice or a sale or a copy of them to the complaint. The length of the warranty period is governed by the applicable provisions of the Act.

Complaint handling

Complaints are lodged at the seller's registered office.

the complaint is settled immediately, in complex cases within 3 working days. This period does not include the time appropriate to the type of product or service required for a professional assessment of the defect. Complaints, including the elimination of defects, must be settled without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint, unless the seller agrees with the consumer on a longer period. If the claimed goods cannot be repaired or exchanged for another within the statutory period, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and refund the purchase price.

  • The buyer will send or deliver the personally claimed goods to the seller's address. And fill out and attach the following form
  • After the proper settlement of the complaint, the seller will send the repaired goods to the buyer's address.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper packaging of the goods during transport to the seller.
  • The right to claim the warranty expires in the event of unprofessional assembly or unprofessional commissioning of the goods, as well as in the event of unprofessional handling of it, ie in particular in the event of:
    • violation of protective seals and labels, if the product is provided with them
    • use of goods in inappropriate conditions.
    • for touch glasses and glued displays, the warranty expires at the moment of their gluing (ie peeling off the protective foils for double-sided adhesive tapes). The display or touch glass must therefore be thoroughly tested before installation. After assembly, it is no longer possible to prove whether the fault was caused by incorrect handling of the device or failure of the spare part.

We reserve the right to make changes to the complaint procedure.

If you wish to claim the goods, contact us.

You can find more detailed information on complaints and returns within 14 days in our terms and conditions