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Avatar Tomáš P.
Velký výběr komponent, emailová notifikace při naskladnění funguje Velmi rychlé dodání Řešení reklamací
Celkový názor:
Potřeboval jsem komponentu, kterou jsem našel jen v tomto obchodě. V první dodávce přislo zboží se závadou, obratem zaslali náhradu.
Avatar Martin V.
Spokojenost. Přehledná nabídka, Rychlé odeslání.
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Avatar Josef Š.
rychlost komunikace cena
Avatar Roman P.
Celkový názor:
Rychlost bylo opravdu rychlé
Avatar Václav R.
super rychlé dodání

Our company provides unauthorized post-warranty service of PCs, laptops, mobile phones and other electrical equipment of all commonly available brands on our market.

We provide the following services in the field of mobile phone / tablet repairs:

  • software (firmware playback)
  • hardware (minor mechanical repairs, replacement of LCD displays, batteries, covers, microUSB and USB-C connectors, speakers, microphones, etc.)

We provide the following services in the field of PC and laptop repairs:

  • repairs / reinstallations / clean OS installations (note: you must have your own license key or buy it from us) - approximate price CZK 500
  • flash / BIOS update - approximate price 25 EUR
  • basic software data recovery (deleted folders / files, damaged or deleted partitions, also data recovery from damaged HDD / SSD - 100% success cannot be guaranteed)
  • upgrades of older laptops and PCs (in case of reinstallation of the operating system or replacement of the HDD with an SSD, we automatically back up data)
  • mechanical repairs of laptops (replacement of damaged covers, hinges, displays, fans, keyboards, power cables, etc.)

We have many spare parts in stock for various devices, thanks to which we are able to repair your equipment quickly. We repair at lower prices than an authorized service and we provide a monthly warranty for service repairs.

if you are interested in service:

1) we recommend first consulting the possibility of repair at: - and describe the situation to us (type and model of equipment, cause and manifestations of the problem)

2) send securely packed equipment to our address: Ing. Petr Beránek, Komenského 295, 471 54 Cvikov, phone +420 705 116 562 (mail order branch of the same name)

(In case of interest, we can arrange free pick-up through the Mail Order - can be submitted at any branch)

3) the completed and signed document must be sent with the device: "service conditions" / can also be sent electronically - scanned by email

4) The options for payment for the performed service + return transport of the equipment to you are governed by the current offer HERE

Orientation price list of service - Laptops (price including VAT for service operation - does not include spare parts)